Legislative elections: 940 electoral lists, 11,334 candidates

11 Abril, 2017
cb7b22f36437efdf98159af7ed72cc8d_XLThe political parties and independent candidates running in the legislative elections of 4 May have submitted 940 electoral lists and 11,334 candidates, according to the figures provided by the Ministry of Interior and Local Authorities on Monday.
Each of the National Liberation Front (FLN) and the National Democratic Rally (RND) have presented 52 lists and 614 candidates, while the independents will be represented by 98 lists and 1,125 candidates for the upcoming general elections.
The HMS Alliance has 51 lists and 610 candidates, followed by Tajamoue Amel El Djazair (49 lists and 570 candidates) and the Nahda-Adala-Bina Alliance (48 lists, 576 candidates).
Thus, only five political parties will be represented in all the provinces of the country, which requires at least 48 electoral lists, said the Ministry.
Each of the Algerian People’s Movement (MPA) and El Moustakbal Front will run with 47 lists, with 571 candidates for the first party and 557 for the second.
The Workers’ Party (PT) will be represented by 39 lists and 517 candidates, followed by the National Republican Alliance (36 lists and 421 candidates), the Algerian National Front (FNA) (34 lists, 443 candidates), the Socialist Forces Front (33 lists, 419 candidates), Islah Movement (31 lists, 401 candidates), El-Feth Alliance (26 lists, 328 candidates), El-Fedjr El-Jadid (23 lists, 323 candidates) and the Party of Liberty and Justice (20 lists, 259 candidates).