Political parties focus on vigilance, need for high voter turnout

28 Abril, 2017

ELCThe political parties running for the legislative elections of May 4 called, in campaign meetings over the past 24 hours, for high voter turnout to impose change and protect national revolution, insisting on “vigilance to preserve security and stability in Algeria.”
The secretary general of the National Democratic Rally (RND), Ahmed Ouyahia, in Chlef, stressed the importance of vigilance to preserve Algeria’s security and stability, saying that “stability paves the way to development, while carryin on the country’s construction process.”
In the socio-economic field, Ouyahia stressed that his party wants to put an end to Algerian economy’s dependency on oil and gas revenues.
The secretary general pf the Workers Party (PT), Louisa Hanoune, in a campaign meeting in Tizi-Ouzou, pledged to work for the teaching of Tamazight language to be compulsory throughout the country’s schools.
Hanoune said her party attaches a paramount importance to improving the living conditions of the Algerian people, as the purchasing power has shrunk due to the austerity policy that followed the oil price fall.
The head of Tajamoue Amel El Djazair (TAJ), Amar Ghoul, in Souk Ahras, focused on the preservation of the symbols of the state and National Revolution.
Ghoul stressed the importance of Algerian “people’s symbols and the country’s stability and unity.”
The secretary general of the National Liberation Front (FLN), Djamel Ould Abbes, called for raising awareness among the citizens about the importance of the legislative elections.
May’s poll is a “crucial stage in the history of the (Algerian) people, who should contribute to the preservation of the territorial unity and protection of the borders against the schemes targeting the destabilization of the country,” Ould Abbes said.
The leader of the Movement for the Society of Peace (MSP) and representative of MSP-Change Front alliance, Abderrezak Mokri, in El Bayadh, said his political party works for the establishment of the rule of law, which would ensure equality of opportunities for the Algerian people.
Mokri added that the country has the potentiality to become “leader in several sectors” provided that we have the necessary “skills, integrity and honesty.”
The president of El-Islah Movement, Filali Ghouini, said the next poll is a “national event aimed at the construction (of the country), the completion of the Algerian civilizational project and the strengthening of the elected institutions.”
El-Islah, he said, works for a civilian state with ex-tended rights and freedoms and the political elites may work without pressure with ease.”
The secretary general of Nahda Movement, Mohamed Douibi, speaking at a rally in Setif in the name of Nahda-Adala-Bina union, called for a free practice of politics, to give it some “credibility.”
Douibi invited Algerian citizens to get involved in the management of public affairs by joining political parties and civil society organizations.
An “emergency programme for the reconstruction of Algerian institutions by focusing on certain fields, like education, health and justice,” was the main idea developed Wednesday, in Blida, by the leader of El-Moustakbal Front, Abdelaziz Belaid.
Belaid insisted on the “independence of justice, the backbone of any state,” adding that his party’s programme has made “several proposals, including the election of the head of the High Council of Magistracy by the members of the council.”