Party leaders call for high turnout, guarantee of unity and stability

11 Abril, 2017

elctiomai2017Most party leaders have headed to provinces with revolutionary background to start their campaign for May 4 legislative elections. During the public meetings, all of them called for higher turnout, considered by some as guarantee of unity and stability and a means of change by others.
General Secretary of the National Liberation Front party (FLN, majority in the outgoing Lower House), Djamel Ould Abbes, has called in Khenchela (east of Algiers) the citizens to massively vote in the legislative elections to preserve “security and stability” of the country, noting that the credibility of an election is measured by the voter turnout rate.
Ahmed Ouyahia, general secretary of the National Democratic Rally party (RND) said in Boutheldja, the province of El Tarf, that the next elections constituted “an opportunity to consolidate the achievements of Algeria,” its stability and unity, calling on citizens to go massively to the polls.
As for him, the Algerian People’s Movement head (MPA), Amara Benyounès, also insisted in Mostaganem on the need for strong turnout the day of the elections to give credibility and legitimacy to the future Lower House and the next government.
From Ghardaïa, the Socialist Forces Front party (FFS) kicked off its electoral campaign, as its first secretaryAbdelmalek Bouchafa recalled the party’s longstanding demands for the establishment of a “national consensus and a gathering of all the Algerians around a social promising project.”.
The Workers’ Party (PT)’s general secretary Louisa Hanoune, called, during a meeting in Bordj Bou Arreridj, the candidates of her party to mobilize in order to create a “force of change” capable of “realizing the popular will” in the next People’s National Assembly (Lower House).
In a meeting in Tissemsilt, president of the Tadjamoue Amel Al Djazaïr (TAJ) party Amar Ghoul called on young people to confront the “conspiracies against Algeria,” highlighting the importance of their contribution to building the country.
The Rally for Culture and Democracy (RCD) began the electoral campaign with a press conference by les leader Mohcine Belabbas, who said that a “fresh start” was “possible” in the 4 May parliamentary elections.