Building strong State is through election of honest, skilled people

27 Abril, 2017
elections campaignThe parties running in the legislative elections of 4 May considered Wednesday, on the 18th day of the election campaign, that choosing honest candidates will lead to the creation of a credible Assembly able to contribute to the building of a strong State.
In a popular meeting in Bouira, the head of the Rally for Culture and Democracy (RCD) Mohcine Bellabès said that his party suggests “feasible” solutions to the problems of citizens, and has a programme and sectoral solutions to the country’s economic crisis.
The head of the Front of New Algeria (FAN) Djamel Benabdeslam urged the citizens to go massively to the polls to elect “the most honest and competent candidates who are able to help the country to overcome the crisis.”
For his part, the head of El Fadjr El Djadid party Tahar Benbaibeche called, in Jijel, the people to assume their responsibilities by participating en masse in the next legislative elections, pleading for an assembly which will address the citizens’ concerns and get the country out of the crisis.
The head of El Islah movement Filali Ghouini called in a meeting, in Skikda, the citizens to choose “the most skilled candidates able to transmit their voices to the highest authorities and to address their concerns.”
In his meeting in Bechar, the head of El Moustakbal Front Abdelaziz Belaid celled for the union of the Algerians to build a strong State and a prosperous country, by highlighting the main lines of his programmes which is “holder of a society project involving the political, economic and social aspects,” he added.
The head of the Algerian Popular Movement (MPA) Amara Benyounes reiterated, in El Tarf, his call to go massively to the polls “to preserve the national unity and the country’s stability.”
The leaders of Nahda-Adala-Bina Union called, in Chlef, for the political stability, expressing their hope to see in the next legislative elections an opportunity to make a take-off and a comprehensive economic development.
The head of the Movement of the Society for Peace (MSP) Abderezzak Makri, representative of the Alliance “MSP-the Front for the Change (FC),” also called, in Algiers, for a participation en masse in the next legislative elections “to revive the national economy by choosing the economic programme able to get the country out of the crisis.”
In M’sila, the Secretary General of the Front for the Good Governance (FBG) Aissa Belhadi considered that the participation in the election of 4 May means the contribution to the decision-making in the conception of the various policies.
The Secretary General of the Workers’ Party (PT) Louiza Hanoune dubbed, in Tipaza, “timid” the election campaign, attributing the citizens’ disinterest to the “negative” results of the outgoing parliament.